Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Mermaid Party Tiaras

I am always thinking up new things to create, but last week a lovely woman wrote to me with a special request. She loved a set of gift tags I had made. They had an image of a young mermaid girl sitting upon a rock, holding a rag doll, with the glittery turquoise sea at her feet. They inspired her to have a mermaid themed birthday party for her daughter, and she planned to use my gift tags as the party invitations. Clever woman. So with the mermaid girl in mind, she asked me to create a set of matching tiaras. Her only requests were for me to incorporate the mermaid image into the tiara, and to use the deep rich colors of the sea. I had never made tiaras before, but I was intriqued with the idea. So I gathered bits of unique trims, vintage lace and ribbons and got to work. Boy did I have a ball! Happy Birthday Grace Savannah!


  1. those are AMAZING!

    there is a cool shop in chatham, ma (cape cod) called mermaids on main. i bet they would go ga-ga for those!

    what a lucky little girl. her party will be fabulous!


  2. These are absolutely awesome! Makes me wish my 27 year old daughter was still a little one having a birthday party!
    Thanks for sharing.


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