Monday, September 7, 2009

Summer's End

Where has the summer gone? It seems I am counting the days for summer to arrive and in a mere blink it is gone. This rainy spring and summer has kept me indoors more than I'd have preferred, so I've missed out on many quiet mornings sipping tea on my deck. It's a time I greatly cherish. From my perch I can look out into my garden and the meadow beyond. I listen to the sweet bird songs, and soak up the sunshine on my face, while I mentally plan my day and what I want to create. Often I'll stroll into my garden to pick tomatoes and beans and stop to inhale the fragrance of a rose along the way. I love the tranquility of morning before the cars start racing down the street and the lawn mowers noisily cut a path through the grass, or the low hum of air conditioners kick in. Everything seems right in that quiet time before, and it gives me time to balance my inner energy before I'm ready to jump into the busyness of life. Now there's a chill in the air which makes for wonderful sleeping. My mind is already transitioning from strawberries and watermelon to sweet potato muffins and apple pie topped with cinnamon cream. As yummy as they may be, I'm going to miss these warm sunny mornings.

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