Saturday, January 16, 2010

Holidays are over...

Well the holidays are finally over. The last of the Christmas decorations have been stored away til next year, my company has gone, and the house is back in order. It seems each year my excitement builds as my mind dreams up new decorations, yummy things to bake and presents to buy. But as Christmas day nears, I find my enthusiasm has been replaced by exhaustion, and an eagerness for it to be over so I can take a much needed nap. As my family and friends arrive, the exhaustion fades away, to be replaced with love and gratitude that we are all together. This year as we celebrated the holiday for the first time without my father-in-law, our sadness over his loss was combined with gratitude for the years he was with us. And most of all, for the time we still had with each other. But I've gone astray when I really want to speak of lighter things. Like the glorious blue skies and sun filled day. After weeks of single digit temperatures, snow storms and high winds, I could hardly wait to get outdoors and feel the sun on my face. The wind seemed to whisper "spring is coming", and although it is months away, it felt a little bit closer today. So when the winter blues get me down, and it's too cold to venture out, I lock myself in my studio and create pretty things that make me happy. It's hard to feel blue when I'm surrounded by pink! If you've got the winter blues, I hope you'll pop into my lil Lollishop and browse around a while. There are hints of spring and Easter everywhere!

Have a happy day!

The Illusive Swan

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  1. G'eve ~ I savor each season to the fullest of each day permitted ... don't want to miss one ounce of it.

    We welcomed our unusual heat wave for several days to be smacked back to reality of the snow & chill today.

    Have a beautiful weekend.
    TTFN ~ Marydon


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