Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Cody: he looks so innocent doesn't he?

This is my "Cody-pie" when he was a baby. When we first brought him home he was so quiet, and all he did was sleep. I wondered if he was sick and hoped he'd become playful once he got used to us. What was I thinking? I swear the breeder must've drugged him before we came because he's a little lunatic. He may look like an innocent little Maltese, but I know he's really a Jack Russell in disguise. No Maltese could possibly be so...energetic. I'm not sure how one little puppy could be such a holy terror. Yesterday he wanted Winter, (my sweet, gentle Maltese) to go outside to play with him. So he latched onto Winter's ears and dragged him outside. All the way down the stairs. Bad boy Cody! Bad, bad boy!

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